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Pacific Application and Consulting Services LLC (PACS) formed for the primary purpose of assisting small to medium size businesses to see their business potential thrive. PACS works with affiliates who provide valuable support services and educate businesses so they know how to move forward.

The benefit of this connection via consulting services as PACS is evident in the simple development of the Action Plan and single point of contact to obtain the information needed to make good business decisions. How does that work?

To get started, PACS provides the combined efforts of multiple business entities in a compact website and plan. Spearheading this project is LeAnne Maupin, the owner and operator of PACS – Pacific Application and Consulting Services LLC.

LeAnne has over 25 years payroll experience from sales to customer service and specializes in payroll tax service support. Additionally she has spent time in the manufacturingindustry from booking sales to all aspects of production control to finished product systems. That work venue has provided a great level of experience in regards to the basic operations of many companies and corporations. Working with companies who are growing, merging or downsizing has rounded out her field of experience.

Our affiliates in turn have years of experience, each in their own fields and then some. The combined business experience strengthens your opportunities plus it can save you time and money. We are equally dedicated to educating and providing the right match to your business need. It requires cooperation and good communication. PACS is there to help you bring it all together with a viable action plan.

These are just some of the many complex features which businesses find challenging. One of the biggest challenges is in knowing how to move forward and recognizing the ‘turning points’ in a company’s maturity. Together we present resources and solutions as a united front so PACS can collectively serve as your partner to guide you through the challenges that come your way.

We are PACS, your partner in building a better business future.